himselfHi my name is Simon Tygesen, I'm a Web and Technology Engineer - Born in Denmark on September 16th 1977 

My education is in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on electronics, computers and programming, with which I graduated with a Bachelors of Science (equivalent American form of Danish degree) in 1997.

With this background I learned excellent trouble shooting skills, and I will take on any challenge from repairing anything electronic like UHF radios, medical equipment and computers, to firmware, robotics and server-side scripting / programming.

My technical trouble shooting skills has also proven useful for Windows and Linux desktop / server support.
I soon decided that the most diverse challenges comes with being an independent contractor, which I have been since 2005. 

Daily I primarily use my programming skills in building commercial and corporate websites mostly making use of the Joomla CMS framework, mastering all aspects of the common requirements with Linux server setup, server-side scripts, client-side scripts and libraries like Debian, Fedora, PHP, MYSQL, javascript and jQuery, amongst others.

Regularly I do tech training, desktop and network support for lawyers, retail, advertising and bio-tech companies in my local area.

Occasionally I use my electronic technical skills repairing computers, monitors and phones.

Though most of my clients reside in close proximity to my location in San Diego, my company operates globally and I have been found to travel great distances to meet my clients needs. Sometimes traveling with hours of commute to handle projects needing on-site attention or contract negotiation, to date even as far as Europe.

Specialties: Universal Trouble Shooting, Front-end developemnt, Web Application Development, Electronic Repair, Desktop Support, Linux, Linux server, Audio/Video, Robotics, Computer Diagnostics, Computer Repair. 

Recent Front-end and web development jobs:

Flash to Modern Web2.0


The Sunshine Coast Construction project was aimed at keeping the original look and format and converting the Flash site to something that was all device format friendly. 

Jquery, HTML5 and CSS3 was the answer.



UX, GUI - Frontend Design and Web applications


Splash pages build with a form to collect prospect data and hot leads with an aim at great user experience and automated data collection based on minimum user input. and



 Work Experience

Owner - Web Developer and Universal Tech supporter

Simon Tech (TEUCG)

 – Present, United States

IT management primarily focusing on web application development and the visual presentation of our clients to the WWW. Boasting of having the ability to take on any size project, that being in programming, networking or in fixing the hardware of any device.


Owner - Technical Support and developer


 – 2014, Denmark

Primarily an IT management solutions company with aim on web application development and Web design, and education of procedures for front-end users.
Secondly is also an on-site and remote desktop support resource, including hardware diagnostics and repair.
Lastly I also have over 5 years of experience in data recovery.


Technical Advisor/Electronic Repair Technician

GN Otometrics

 – Denmark

· Technical support of production, development of new medical equipment,
managing the calibration schedules for the in-house reference equipment,
maintaining work flow descriptions and accredited production descriptions.
This work included extensive translation between Danish and English. 


TV2 Fyn


· Various assignments: driver, archiver, runner, tape duplicator, studio assistant




Syddansk Erhvervsskole Technical degree, Bachelor of Science equivalent, Electrical engineer with emphasis on electronics and programming, 1993 - 1997


Listed Skills & Expertise:

  • JavaScript
  • PHP Applications
  • Web Design
  • 3D visualization
  • Electronics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Calibration
  • Robotics
  • Video
  • Technical Support
  • Linux
  • Linux Server
  • PHP
  • Medical Devices
  • Web Services
  • Software Development
  • Testing Microsoft
  • SQL Server
  • Hardware
  • Windows Server
  • Programming
  • Python
  • C#
  • XML
  • .NET
  • Mobile Applications
  • Software Engineering
  • Technical Training
  • Customer Service